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Evil Queens are always fun to dress up as on Halloween and who better than Maleficent to be the naughtiest of them all. I hope you enjoy my Halloween fun.
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My sexy wife wore this Playboy t-shirt and then proceeded to strip for me. Hope you enjoy. She loves to read the comments. Thanks Voyeurweb crew
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After our first contribution, we decided to make a second post. This time we enjoyed taking the photo much more thinking the feedback we may receive this time.
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M* Pls. Make One For Me Gang - After a long day at work....need to get undressed....did a movie about doing the dishes and it was really cold as the heating was broke...as u might see on the avi.
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Last week we goes out for breathe the first autumnal air and hubby bring the camera and starts to take pictures! Here you could see the results...
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I would first like to thank everyone who voted for my clip last month. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to send me a nice comment on my contribution.
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Wife In Bed - Hi, I want to share some pics of my wife while she is sleeping, she discover it and is agree but want's to know your comments.
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This is the first time I have contributedd to this site. I was feeling horny and lonely and wanted to know what the ladies thought about my 8" dick.
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I got this new Bikini last week and today I'm going to got to the strand with them. I got carried away with the pictures but I hope you will enjoy them.
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just skimming through the collection and found this series to post. my baby was bent over and begging for rear entry. more to come.
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Hi i am Laura, french girl. i am 20 and want to be a slut. What do you think of me? please tell me and i will go further if you enjoy it.
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Mme. Roy'S Lessons In German If any of you should find themselves travelling to Germany, you might want to note down a couple of phrases you will need in the daily contact to natives!