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Just a little assortment of various lingerie. When time and jobs permit, the frontal shots will come. One never knows who comes to this great place! Thanks for your comments. Sherri (and Justin.)
Mmmmm, a warm sunny afternoon! Is there anything better than having a picnic in a nice grassy park? Only if I take all my clothes off and let the sun warm all my bits!
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How you like this girl? She beautiful, even is more than attractive... I think, that would be possible to make some more tens photo with her. But while - only these.
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How Mr. Funtease Got His Big One - A fun "fantasy" story of just how Mr. Funtease "got his BIG one"....let us know what you all think!! We DEFINITELY had fun taking these!!
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Asia'S Contribution Haven't been here for a long time but I have always been a fan. Once again, not brave enough to show my face. Hopefully you will bear with me.
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Il Fait Chaud Pour Alex - Trop chaud cette canicule, pas vous ? Si ca vous dit d'?changer des photos de vous avec nous... les couples et les femmes sont les bienvenus...
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After one night in Bangkok and one in Seattle, there appears to be no place like home for my wife to show her sexy Chinese body.
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nudism boys family pics Sue is getting more relaxed, really enjoyed ur comments! Thank u! she'll (we'll) keep trying, the clips will have to get better! Mr. sue nami....
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What do you think about my pissing italian wife 47 yo? Siamo interessati a qualche scambio di foto con coppie sui 40 o 50. Ciao.
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After posting a couple of ex's thought it would be fair to show a little of my own skin. I will appreciate all appropriate comments. and just to let you know I am completely straight. Cheers.
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She couldnt be hotter and she's just so much fun! She really got into the whole flashing thing while in Vegas and started getting quite a following!
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nudism boys family picsMy wife and I went out for dinner with her wearing nothing underneath. The was taken using Smartphone, so the quality was not of high quality. Hope you all could enjoy it.